Programmatic Advertising has been undoubtedly a boon for digital marketers, being one myself I can say that without blinking an eyelash. We can deliver our message/s to the right, the selected audience, and pay as we get the desired result, in contrast to the traditional “spray and pray” method that depended heavily on mass reach.

Although GDN and other ad venues have been around forever, but aggressive use of programmatic has only been a little over to 5–6years now. This means that a very less technical know-how is available to general public. But due to the attached high cost, it…

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When a timepass activity becomes your source of greatest career achievement, what can be better than that? Such very new, very instinctive career line is Social Media — a profound sub-set of Digital Marketing. Now because Social Media Marketing is a dynamic skill field & definitely on a high these days, more and more people are leaning towards exploring this domain. However, due to the generalized nature of work, there is a lot of hue and cry among candidates who are looking for great opportunities in Social Media. It’s basically a fix! The confusion is on the skill spectrum of…

Regular Exercise: An Outlet tool of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur in itself means the world as an entrepreneur is the mother of his idea and boss of all the operations; but, at the same time he is the key motivational person in the closed organisation of his work, is the head serviceman indulged in almost every aspect of the collateral work — be it design, analytics, architecture, coding, production, PR, content guidelines, cultural aspect or finance. Name any, they do it all and many times, in a single go! Sheer Identity Crisis…..

The other side of this conundrum is that entrepreneurs not only struggle to keep themselves motivated to…

Many times…and I personally think, in everyone’s life, at least once a spatter of downfall comes that winds any and every achievement won till that time and send it altogether into a manhole. And we keep looking at its happening standing aside without being able to move (theoretically/ psychologically/ philosophically … take any or all).

Now, while reading this you will think of me as a loser and emotionally challenged person who is writing a pathetic approach towards life. However, let me assure you that I am only writing about an instance that is bound to occur in life, effects…


Originally phrased as “Fascinators”, Hatinators are head accessories that give women a classy look. Much famous in elite section of society, one can see women wearing them in high-end parties, golf-courses, charity tea-parties and of course in “Royal” affairs.


Though a classic fashion trend among females of novelty, it has garnered a strong reputation among masses very recently after Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge revamped the ‘beauty-with-class’ attribute of this head accessory. …

Ever Evolving Science Including Its Definition!

The Field of Psychology apparently is newer but ever evolving since it’s birth as a legitimate child of “Philosophy”. Even before the bisection from it’s father, it was generously moving forward towards leading a recently discovered area of science into more of an experimental pedagogy of mental manifestations.

History of Psychology as a Field

There was a time when no such study subject existed. However, the fascination of man to understand the bends of mind and behaviour, its comprehension in the light of varied circumstances, led him ascend towards the inception of certain philosophies that could unravel the mystery of…

It is said and widely felt that the most engrossing circular path in someone’s and everyone’s life is the path that one travels while treading the viciously time consuming “Circle of Thoughts”. More like a never ending loop from infinity to infinity! Once entered, it’s quite hard to break away from the path. Isn’t it?

Moreover, once fallen away from the “almost never-ending loops of thoughts”, its next to impossible to break away without carrying any further effect on self. Sometimes, the effect is so deep that it feels being almost burnt by it to the third degree level.


Priyanka Moza

Avid Writer

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